Here at Mind Candy we use open source projects all the time, so we wanted to share our own projects with the world. Feel free to pull down any of the projects below and make use of them. We'd love to hear your ideas for improvements or just to hear how you're using them!

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Learn Unity2D in an hour!

Well not just in the one hour, but we've been running a series of hands-on bite-sized Unity2D training courses. We are making them available for anyone to use under the MIT license. Each project includes all the files needed (except for Unity itself) and works with the free version of Unity. We include step-by-step instructions and will be adding video in the future!

Lessons available, in the order we presented them at Mind Candy:


Laserquest is a small node.js module that wraps around hyperquest and gives us similar features to request without using node's connection pooling, which is broken and won't be fixed until node 0.12.

Laserquest handles serializing form parameters, following redirects, handling timeouts and buffering response bodies. It makes proxying really easy by defining a handy proxy method and handling headers and host settings automatically.

Lazy Sessions

A simple middleware for express (Node.js) that is conservative about when it creates and fetches sessions. The connect-provided session middleware always creates a session and always reads it from the backing store upon every request. This middleware gives you control about when it creates sessions and when to retrieve the session from the store. This is useful when you have a backing store that requires a network hop to access.

Giter8 template for Unfiltered + REST + Gatling

A giter8 template which builds a working skeleton sbt project with an unfiltered standalone REST server wrapped with the apache-commons daemon library. Also provides a sample fabric deploy script, and is setup with gatling load testing.

For more info read a blog post all about it.

Teamcity Unity3D build runner plugin

Teamcity is a continuous integration server. Unity3d is a powerful 3d game creation editor and engine. If you want to easily build Unity3d players as part of a Teamcity installation, you can invoke them from a Shell runner, but editing parameters and viewing log files is a bit of a pest.

This plugin makes life a bit easier and provides a nice cross-platform way of building Unity3d projects on the Mac or Windows platforms.

Simple Digital Asset Manager

This is a very simple minded 'Digital Asset Manager' that allows 'asset files' to be served up from a directory, with previews, thumbnails and searchable metadata. It uses the Play Framework but a precompiled version is available that only requires the Java Runtime.

Game Jam starter projects

We periodically run game jams both internally and at festivals. We've found that its really useful to have starter games to work on top of and have put together a mindcandy-events github org that collects these in one handy place!